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This privacy policy will outline what data that we collect for our Customer Support Portal and how we use it to provide a better service. We will also outline our cookie policy which will include what cookies are, how they can be cleared and how the Customer Support Portal will use them

Support Portal Privacy Policy

There are 3 main parts to our customer support portal. These are:

Each section of the customer support portal will at least collect the following user identifiable information:

The information provided above will be used to create you a user record which will allow us to link all feature requests, raised issues and support tickets, to the same person. This data is encrypted in our database and we promise it will never be sold or provided to any third party companies. We also promise, that we will never use this information for marketing purposes either by us or by third parties.

Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small little text file that is stored within the web browser of your PC or mobile device such as phone or tablet. The cookie can store some form of data for various different reasons such as for an improved service.

How we use them?

We use cookies solely for improving our service, e.g. for ensuring that a post can't be upvoted or flagged more than once by the same user. We don't use it to collect personally identifiable information or for advertising purposes.

If you have any concerns or questions, or just wish to find out what information we have on you, then please get in touch with us by contact us at [email protected].

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