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When you first launch InfoTake for Datadog you will see a split screen, the top half (left half if in landscape) with input fields for API key and App Key and the bottom half (right half if in landscape) shows the Datadog website login screen as shown in the screenshot below. 

The app relies on using on the Datadog API which requires your API key and Application Key in order to authenticate. The Datadog website however, is required to be logged in to, to get full functionality of the app - plus by logging in you will get easy access to your API key and App Key.

When you log in to the Datadog you will be taken to the page to access your API key and App Key. You will have an API key which you can copy from the Datadog website and then paste it into the API key textfield. If you haven't used the API before you will need to create a new application key. If you do already have an API key, although you don't need one, but it is probably advisable to create a new application key specific for InfoTake for Datadog. Once you have your application key, you can then copy and paste this into App Key textfield. 

If you have any issues then please raise a support ticket via our support portal at

Please note - InfoTake for Datadog is in no way affiliated with Datadog. If you want to request a new feature or have an issue do not contact Datadog as they will not be able to help, and instead contact Boardies IT Solutions via our support portal

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