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When creating a new database connection and entering the IP address of your MySQL Database and/or SSH Server you might see a message at the bottom the screen stating "Internal Network Use Detected", as shown in the screenshot below.

Boardies MySQL Manager - Internal Network Detected

Internal Network Detected on Boardies MySQL Manager for Android.

Boardies MySQL Manager for android relies on an API (external web service) to connect and run queries on your database. This API resides on the internet on our public web server - where you are reading this web page from. Therefore, if you enter an IP address to your database server or SSH host which is in your internal home or office network, our server is not going to be able to connect and you'll instead get a timeout error.

How to work around this issue?

Thankfully, there are a couple of options available in order to get round this problem.

Option 1 - Set up Port Forwarding

This involves configuring your internal router to allow port forwarding. This enables you to access your internal network from outside. Every router does this slightly differently but the general gist of it is the same. You set up port forwarding to receive connections from outside on a particular port, and forward them to another port to a specific device. The From and To Ports can match, however, for security it might be better to make the outside port different to your database port. For example, your database server is setting on the IP address of Google "What is my IP Address" and Google will tell you what your public IP address is, lets say its for example. When you tell the app to connect to your database you can say, use IP address on port 3307. Your router will get the request on port 3307, and then it set up to forward the traffic to on port 3306.

Be aware, that this does make your database exposed to the public web, make sure your database server is secured.

Option 2 - Install the API on your own Network

The second option involves installing the PHP API and optionally, if you are using SSH tunnelling the SSH Tunnel plugin source code from GitHub. You can get the links to these at the bottom of the this page. You can install these services on your own server that is internal on your network. Once installed, you can then tell the app to not use the default Boardies IT Solutions API on our server, but instead point the API ise to your own server. Links to how to do this are at the end of this page.

We hope that this helps, but if you have any issues then please raise a support ticket via our support portal.

Useful links to source code, knowledge base and support portal

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