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All of the official CritiMon libraries and SDK as well as custom built SDKs require initialisation to be done to one, determine and authorise your account for sending crashes to and to enable the unhandled exception handler. 

When initialising the CritiMon library, you need your IDE or platforms console to check any errors that are returned by the CritiMon service. 

You will get a JSON response detailing the result of the initialisation, each JSON response contains a result and a message. If initialisation was successful you will get a result code of 0 and a null message. If you have a resultcode above greater or equal to 1, then an error has occurred and a message should be set detailing what the problem is. 

CritiMon Response Codes

Response Result Description How to resolve

The CritiMon service has had an internal database error. This should never happen but in the event that it does, we'll be notified of the problem and resolve as quickly as possible. Once we've seen this issue we'll update our status page with information. 


If you find you are getting this error, but there's nothing on our status page, then please raise a support ticket via our supportal at


Invalid or missing parameters in initialisation request

Check library/SDK documentation and ensure that all parameters that the initialisation API method requires are being submitted. 

HTTP Status Error. 

See HTTP status codes below

Not initialised. You should only see this in the even of submitting a crash but initialisation has happened. This might be before initialisation completed or initialisation wasnt' done. 

If we receive a crash before initialisation completes, it will be queued and will automatically trigger a re-initialisation (if successful initialisation done previously) and then process crashes that were done before the initialisation or that required re-initialisation due to expired session

Ensure initialise is called before sending a crash. 

If custom built SDK ensure that when not initialised is returned, re-add crash to queue which should be cleared when initialisation returns successfully. If initialisation was previously successful, use existing initialisation data to reinitialise. 


Undergoing maintenance. Our load balancer will automatically switch to another server when a server is undergoing maintenance. However, you might have performed the initialisation such as the server was entering maintenance mode so our load balancer hasn't triggered. 

Official libraries will automatically re-try the initialisation - if you are building custom SDK you should do this as well


Exceeded plan quota. Will get this only when crash is sent but you are over your monthly crash quota

The crash quota will reset at the beginning of the month or upgrade your price plan

HTTP Response Codes

HTTP Response Code Description How to Resolve
200 OK Everything is OK - check the JSON result as mentioned above N/A
403 Forbidden Authentication failed Check your API key in the initialisation method
404 Not Found Check URL endpoint, what comes after the first "/" after the domain name (applies to custom SDK only) You should never get this from an official library. If you are creating a custom SDK ensure that you are using only /initialise and /custom-crash
405 Method Not Allowed Check the documentation for the endpoint you are using (applies to custom SDK only) You should never get this from the official library. Only custom SDK applies to this, you'd get this for example if using an HTTP GET when initialisation exception an HTTP POST
410 Gone The application ID was not found - may have been deleted or never been registered Check that the App ID exists
503 Service Unavailable CritiMon service experienced an internal error

We'll be aware of it and you can check our service status - if you are seeing this but there's nothing on the service status - feel free to raise a support ticket on our portal at


If you have any problems or questions, we'll be happy to help, you can either raise a support ticket on our portal at or via our chat button in the bottom right corner of the CritiMon website. 

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