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We do our best to make our apps and services as reliable as possible, but unfortunately, finding every single bug is an impossibility. If you find a bug, then please let us know and we will fix it as quickly as possible.

Below you will find a list of the issues, if the issue you have found has already been submitted please do not raise another issue, please select "Me To" for the issue, and if you have any more information to add, then please add it to the comments.

JSONException when viewing Infrastructure tab

29-04-2019 03:55:52 - Status: Released

When opening the Infrastructure tab, a JSONException is thrown. Error messge: JSON Exception Occurred: org.json.JSONException: No value for gohai

gauge function with tag is not working

09-02-2018 06:04:47 - Status: Released

When I send the value with the tag in function void DataDogStatsD:: gauge(std:: string stats, float value, std:: string tags) it's not using tag inside the function. Your s/w is using this->send(data, 1.0); but it should be this->send(data, 1.0, tags); while using this i found this issue. Thanks

Selecting filtered database name causes the table list to be retrieved from a different database as to what was selected

31-10-2017 22:05:53 - Status: Released

If the database filter is used and then the database name is tapped from what is filtered, it will load the list of tables from the database name that was originally in that position instead of what was actually selected. For example, you have "db_1", "db_2", "db_3", in the filter you type "db_2" so "db_2" is now at the top of the list, when selecting db_2 it will retrieve all the tables from db_1 instead of db_2.

CSV export not working

15-10-2017 21:29:58 - Status: Released

When attempting to do CSV export the dialog pops up saying that it is processing rows however nothing happens. The progress bar never moves and the CSV is not generated.

Crash when doing SSH tunnel with Private Key authentication

23-08-2017 21:32:13 - Status: Released

There is sometimes a crash when using the Private Key Authentication for doing SSH tunnelling in Boardies MySQL Manager for Android.

Clicking on edit row in result set can cause crash

15-08-2017 15:56:14 - Status: Released

If clicking on the edit row icon within a result set where no DB or table is being used (e.g. SHOW SLAVE STATUS) the app crashes.

App force closes on the main screen

02-07-2017 20:16:06 - Status: Released

As soon as the app launches and shows the main screen with the API status, the app force closes and can't go any further.

Not all MySQL errors are being shown

03-06-2017 21:10:55 - Status: Released

There are times when connection failures or MySQL Queries error are not shown

Disconnecting from database sometimes causes force close

03-06-2017 21:10:55 - Status: Released

Every now and again when the back button is pressed or the disconnect button from the menu is pressed to back to the start screen, the app force closes.

Speech marks and quotes are being escaped in error

03-06-2017 21:10:55 - Status: Released

If a query includes a quote (') or a speech mark (") they are escaped, e.g. become ' or ".

Editing row causing crash

03-06-2017 21:10:55 - Status: Released

When clicking on row edit button the app force closes

Get stuck in a loop if doing insert statement with an SQL error

03-06-2017 21:10:55 - Status: Released

If you do an insert statement with an SQL error (e.g. column count doesn't match value count) it gets stuck in a loop where it seems to send the query, show the MySQL error, and when the dialogue is dismissed, the query is executed again and the error shown again. The only way to get out of this is to force close the app.

Text is being shown on top of text box hints

03-06-2017 21:10:55 - Status: Released

All the text boxes are showing the entered text but the hint text is staying underneath the text. For example in the row editor

Queries starting with SHOW such as SHOW FIELDS are not returned

03-06-2017 21:10:55 - Status: Released

Queries that start with SHOW such as SHOW FIELDS, SHOW CREATE TABLE tableName or SHOW SLAVE STATUS doesn't return any results.

making changes to password accounts

03-06-2017 21:10:54 - Status: Released

When making edit's to password accounts upon saving changes the app crashes.

making changes to password accounts

03-06-2017 21:10:54 - Status: Released

When making edit's to password accounts upon saving changes the app crashes.

doesn't open, stopped error message

03-06-2017 21:10:54 - Status: Released

When starting the app, it immediately stops and I'm given the option to send a report, which I've done a couple of times a day. It started happening right after the last update installed. rnrnShould I uninstall and reinstall or wait for a bug fix.

App crashes on startup since latest update

03-06-2017 21:10:54 - Status: Released

As soon as the app loads the app crashes. This has been happening since the latest update.

Returning large result results in an API connection error

03-06-2017 21:10:54 - Status: Released

There seems to be a bug where if a SELECT query is performed and there is no limit specified, and the result set is extremely large, it results in there being an error stating "It looks like you are connected to the Internet but they API returned an error.

Unable to edit/delete logins

03-06-2017 21:10:54 - Status: Released

Using Android 4.4.4 I am unable to delete or edit logins as the app crashes.

purchased BPM Pro and it didn't upgrade free.

03-06-2017 21:10:53 - Status: Released

Installed Pro and didn't upgrade the free version. Have icons on screen for both. I assume both are required.rnInstallation on tablet has black and white columns, phone has white only.rnCould not share with my tablet(bluetooth)rnWondering if program can automatically fill password requests on regularly used websites?

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